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Every service provided by us are fast, affordable and have the finest quality. We take our job seriously and consider every job we do as if it is a job being done in our own house. We offer a wide range of services from residential to commercial areas including solar works. Give us call to learn more about our services in detail. [Phone number]

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Services We Offer

Maintenance is done for your electrical panels and wires by our professional team

Both indoors and outdoors lighting, predesigned or custom can be done for residential or commercial issues. Upgrades can also be made.

High quality solar panels are installed by our experts on the roof of your building or the ground, depending on your choice.

Generators can be installed depending on your need and budget.

Wiring services are provided for anywhere in your home or facility.

We offer you surge protection by installing our high-tech devices. This will keep you safe from power outages, lightning and other stuff that will cause voltage spikes.

Installations for detectors such as carbon monoxide or smoke are done by masters at this area.

Our team also provides maintenance and installation of ceiling fans in your home.

We have a team specialized for troubleshooting issues, which will detect your problem quickly and provide you a solution and price.

Why choose us?
Our team is:
  • Professional and fully certified in their area. Have experience and knowledge on the latest techniques used.
  • Skilled, customer orientated and always focused on problem solving. Fully equipped with the latest gadgets used in the sector.
  • Will treat you as you are their friend, always seeking for customer satisfaction.

Utah Electrical Experts services the following cities around
Salt Lake City Utah along with many other areas

  • Bluffdale, Utah
  • Cottonwood Heights, Utah
  • Draper, Utah
  • Holladay, Utah
  • Midvale, Utah
  • Millcreek, Utah
  • Murray, Utah
  • Riverton, Utah
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Sandy, Utah
  • South Jordan, Utah
  • South Salt Lake, Utah
  • Taylorsville, Utah
  • West Jordan, Utah
  • West Valley City, Utah

 Solar Panel Installation
It is important to leave a green planet for our children and also it is important to keep our money in our pocket, so why not have both at the same time!
There are tons of benefits of using solar energy. It is:
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Renewable,
  • Efficient,
  • Cost saving,
  • Provides tax reductions,
  • An investment for your house.

Our team which is specialized in solar energy and solar panel installation can take care of any need for commercial and residential issues. We will plan, install and commission your solar panels for an affordable price. The price and installation time may differ from project to project. Especially commercial buildings require more energy, therefore it will take a longer time to install and a higher number of solar panels to be used. The panels can be installed depending on your preference, they can be roof mounted, ground mounted or a custom solution can be made depending on the situation. The pricing will be done before the project begins, so there are no surprising bills waiting for you in the end. The only thing that is waiting for you is renewable energy obtained from high quality solar panels and to calculate the cost that you have saved.

New Constructions
If you are setting up a new business and do not know where to go for the electrical needs, you are in the right place. Electrical systems for new constructions might be complex but it will be a piece of cake for us thanks to our over 12 years of experience in this field. Our skillful team will design and set your first electrical systems up, including all the components required. Big or small, any project will get done as fast as possible. Our team will:
  • Create your wiring diagram and prepare the spots for the wiring to go through.
  • Install your circuits.
  • Do your lighting.
  • Set up your exhaust fans.
  • Install your switches
  • And fulfill your other customs requests.

Generator Installation
Power outages can be frustrating, especially when you will in a rural area where these issues take a long time to be resolved. In a situation like this or you just want to keep the devices and electrical systems in your home running all the time you might consider getting a generator installed. The certified and experienced team in our company will inspect your home and identify which generator will fit you the most. After a careful installation, we also provide maintenance for it so that your home will always have power even when power outages occur.

Surge Protection
Surge is a dangerous thing for your devices at home which use electric. If they are exposed to surge for a certain amount of time they may get seriously damaged and can not be used afterwards but we will not let that happen! We can install our latest technology surge devices after our team figures out which would suit your needs. The devices will be installed cautiously by our professionals and protect your devices against sudden voltage spikes.

Interior and Exterior Lighting
Having proper lighting at our houses are important because we need them to be useful and look aesthetic at the same time. We offer any kind of lighting services for you home, indoors or outdoors. Some of these services are;
  • An overall ambient lighting of your choice,
  • Focused kitchen, bathroom lighting for areas where you need specialized lighting,
  • Outdoor lighting such as security lighting or lighting for your porch,
  • Recessed Lighting,
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting,
  • Led Lighting,
  • And many other custom lightings.

Interior Wiring and Rewiring
Wiring at our home might be a difficult task since there is so much going on. TV wiring, phone wiring, data cable wiring, basement wiring, kitchen wiring and we even offer hot tub wiring! All of these should be done by professionals so that they you will not have any problems in the future. Our team will also make sure that the wiring at your home will last as long as possible. If you live in a house that is old and requires rewiring, we will make sure to rewire you home so that you will achieve the most efficient and safe system available.

Detector Installation
It is important to keep your home or business safe from the hazards that can happen. Whether you have a fire or another cause for carbon monoxide leaking detectors will keep you safe from getting harmed by alarming you earlier. We provide smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that will work in harmony to keep you safe. You may think that a smoke detector installation might be enough but carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas and you probably will not notice there is a leak until you start experiencing poisoning symptoms. We will install the best and most price effective carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your house so you will never ever have to worry about leaks.
Electrical Maintenance
Every kind of maintenance can be done by our specialized maintenance team. We will provide maintenance for your internal and basement wiring, data cables, interior or exterior lighting, generators, surge protectors, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, circuits and electrical panels, security systems and many more! After you make an appointment, our experts will come and maintain your electrical needs using the finest and latest versions of tools and equipment. You will have nothing to worry about your electrical systems and have the relief of being in safe hands.

Electrical Upgrades
Electrical systems in your home may be old and need an upgrade, or you might just want to lower your bills and have a better lighting. We provide services for any upgrading issues, from complex panel upgrades to simple lighting upgrades. Give us a call to find out what the price is for the best upgrade you can get from the best team in Utah. We will improve your energy saving, your home eco-friendly, have better looking systems and lightings while offering you the latest technology.

Ceiling Fan Installations
Having a ceiling fan in your house is great, it is useful, aesthetic, gives you comfort and has many other positive sides. However, ceiling fan installation could be a difficult task and it is best to leave it to the professionals. Our team will come to your home, diagnose how the task can be done, install it carefully by performing any necessary actions from wiring to mounting the fan and lastly can lighten your ceiling fan up.

It is important for troubleshooting to be done by experts in this area so that there will not be a spot left for hazardous situations. If you think there is an electrical issue in your home, give our professional troubleshooting a call and get it inspected. They will diagnose the problems by performing detailed examinations. After the troubleshooting is done, our experts will fix the problem and make you feel satisfied. Troubleshooting will increase the safety and system efficiency at your home.